Expedition Agartha Game Logo. The text reads "Expedition" in small text above and "Agartha" in large text below. The text is has an old crackling piece of parchment texture to give it a renaissance era exploration look and feel.

The Original Medieval Extraction Game on Steam

About the Game

Survive Inner Earth

Expedition Agartha is a high-stakes first person slasher. Discover ancient loot in the Lost Continent of Mu, conquer primeval enemies and extract - alone or with up to 2 other players - with your hard-fought spoils.

Face the unkown in world of danger and opportunity. Encounter savage bandits, undead warriors, and ancient terrors as you descend into the depths of the unknown.

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Mercenary Edition Capsule

Expedition Agartha

Mercenary Edition
Mercenary Edition Includes
  • Varangian, Steel Pagoda and Astradhari Armor Sets
  • Set of Tier II Weapons
  • Expeditioner's Resource Satchel
  • 2 Backpacks
  • Unlock Ascendant Class
  • Access to All Maps
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An icon for the Expedition Agartha Mercenary Edition. The icon is an all-white knight helmet.
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Sure, here is the text with improved grammar and without bullets:

The Mercenary Edition graphic features the game's cover art on the right. The cover art shows a knight fighting a monk. On the left are three graphics that denote the edition's features.

The first graphic is for the Cursed Catacomb Expansion. It shows an image of a temple in the background.

The second graphic is for the three elite and exclusive armor cosmetics. Each armor cosmetic has a corresponding image: a Spartan-looking warrior, a traditional medieval knight, and a traditional Japanese knight.

The third graphic is for the in-game resources. It shows an image of three medieval characters smiling and laughing over their coveted loot.

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An image of a character model from the game Expedition Agartha, rendered outside of the game in a T-pose. This concept image is meant to illustrate the section's goal of getting users interested in the behind-the-scenes developer journey.