September 8, 2023

Skill Tree Official Release

Hello Expeditioners! The day is finally here! The long awaited Skill Tree Update and Wipe is up and running! With it we have launched a very special Trailer for you to preview. You can find that below!

PTR and Raffle now closedThe PTR Server is officially closed, and those that have submitted feedback will be chosen to win our raffle! Winners will receive an email with the confirmation and prize details. So keep a lookout for an email from the Wandering Wizard Social Team before the end of the day!

Development Changelog

We would also like to include a list of updates and achievements that we have accomplished thus far in our development journey. Expedition Agartha has changed immensely over the last year and we cannot wait to see how things continue to shape up as we get closer to 1.0You can find the Development Changelog in a pinned Thread in our Forums, you can view that here:

Supporter Pack NOW ON SALE

To celebrate the Skill Tree update and new beginnings with the wipe, our Supporter Pack DLC will also be 60% off for the next 7 days! Support our hardworking developers and show off some shiny new skins in the process!

Don’t forget - the Supporter Pack comes with 1500 insight to help you quickly unlock classes and abilities on the Skill Tree!

Patch Notes


  • Changed dodge animation to allow camera flexibility during dodging
  • Garlic is now lootable in various camps on the lost island
  • Added new in Game Map system- Press M - Map system to shows events on the map, and allow players to drop pins that can be seen by party members. Your compass now shows extracts, events, party members, and detected enemies (if you used olfactory potion or qi pulse)
  • Added Daily Quest system- Dailies, weekly, and Monthly quests
  • Disabled revive in Arena
  • "Arriving" message should be 10 seconds shorter
  • Added rings, amulets, and belts
  • Added classes and Skill Tree
  • Inventory default size increased to 6x5
  • Added New Loading Screen Art
  • Added Distance filter to party browser
  • Matchmaker now throws players into match ASAP, matches have join-in progress enabled for 5 minutes, and players may rejoin a raid they have already left. Servers will always stay open for at least 5 minutes no matter what.
  • Sprint is now Toggle by default
  • Downed players now have a downed animation, and while downed players can view the situation in 3rd person
  • Added Revival mechanic: you can now be revived for 2 minutes after death
  • Added Spectating

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fixed where Mold manual couldn't be crafted
  • Speculative fix for specifically arena spawns having trouble with 5+ players
  • Fixed audio bugs with human entities playing the same sounds repeatedly
  • Fixed infinite loading but and added "entering character creation" and "entering prologue" screens on first time load situations
  • Fixed Party system bugs

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