September 8, 2023

Kapala Shrine Update

A new dig site has unearthed a mysterious shrine in the hubworld…

If you guessed Skull or Skeleton during last week's teaser announcement then you were right!The Kapala Shrine is a new trader that sells rotating upgraded gear for gold. It’s like a wishing well that offers a random assortment of legendary gear that may be useful… or not depending on your build. No worries though, the shop’s content will randomly shuffle every 2 hours to keep you on your toes! This trader will give players a nice gold-sink opportunity, especially for those who haven’t progressed enough to craft their own gear.

And for the next two weeks - All items will be 50% off!

Speak to the skull to grant you your wish!We also have a plethora of exciting new content moving forward into September, so keep an eye out for fun updates and exciting changes! We’re always looking for ways to make our game the best it can be. So please let your voices be heard in the survey we have listed below if you haven’t already!


  • Lost Island dynamic event name changed to "Skirmish" on in-game map.
  • Hide other players on overlap so you don't spawn inside someone's face anymore.
  • Alchemy Skill Items added to bots for their use. (Explosive Kunais, Flame Pot, etc…)
  • Jewelry Box Icon Updated.
  • Bolt Quiver can now accept bolts, throwing knives, and other throwables. (like pots)
  • "Skill Points" added after unlock cost in skill tooltips.
  • Skill unlock cost color now considers the state of previous levels.
  • "A contestant is extracting- Stop them or die!" message replaced with "A party member is extracting!" if the extracting player is in the same party as the player.
  • Updated upgrade prices to 250/2,000/10,000/20,000/50,000/100,000This should make higher tier upgrades much more expensive, so that crafting them no longer results in massive loss of net worth.
  • If a trade fails due to not having capacity, the player who does not have space should enter a cancel state.
  • Parties are renamed if leader leaves and a member becomes new leader
  • Greatly improved lemurian key chest loot in Ancient Caverns
  • Incompatible weapon warning implemented for HUD active skill slot.
  • If shield fails to be equipped it should still be placed in player's inventory
  • 360° aggro range increased for all mobs, increased even further for mobs considered "large" (such as Asura)
  • All Extraction timer update messages should now appear for dead players as well. Death approaching message won't appear in Arena if time remaining is 1.
  • Removed the ability to salvage cloth rag since this was conflicting with bandage recipe
  • Skill Equip/unequip disabled for non-Ascendant classes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Solomon’s Key to properly add loot speed
  • Fixed downed icon not being removed on death.
  • Fixed Bolt Quiver accepting potions.
  • Fixed Quest goals text wrapping in quests screen.
  • Fixed party members being dragged into tutorial if the party leader enters
  • Fixed joining a raid in progress causing time remaining display to be empty
  • Fixed some invisible collision on Shiphub being visible when it shouldn’t

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