September 8, 2023

Expedition Agartha at PAX West

Live and In Person

It's Official Expeditioners! Expedition Agartha will be available to play alongside other Wandering Wizard titles at PAX West. Our lead Developer Carbonphry will also be at the booth Friday if you’d like to meet the man behind the madness. For those of you who are able to make it, we can’t wait to have you play a game live and in person, and maybe even win a special Wandering Wizard giveaway. Here are the requirements:

  1. Play Survivor Mercs live and in person at the Wandering Wizard Booth 608 lvl 4
  2. Play West Hunt, Expedition Agartha OR post to your socials and tag Wandering Wizard
  3. Sign up for the Wandering Wizard mailing list

Once you have completed all three tasks you will receive a chance to spin the prize wheel for a very special Wandering Wizard hat and other prizes! But don’t wait too long, there is a limited number of available prizes per day, and we want you to have the opportunity to access this loot drop before supplies run out!Wandering Wizard will also feature an exclusive in person Survivor Mercs Leaderboard that will reset at the end of every day at PAX. The Commander with the longest survival time and most amount of kills will receive a Survivor Mercs key day of launch, all the glory, and an Elite Commander title in the Wandering Wizard Discord Server. Be sure to join the WW Discord beforehand so if you win you will be able to receive your title!

All the Giveaways

For those of you who can’t expedition all the way to Seattle, never fear, for Wandering Wizard has an online giveaway via !

10 winners will receive codes for all 3 WW games featured at PAX including Expedition Agartha.

Follow, Retweet, and more! There’s many ways to enter. Click on the link below for more information. forward the Wandering Wizard Discord Server will begin having weekly quests for WW games! Some weeks may focus on one game while others may include all three, but the ⁠#🗓│weekly-events channel has been created specifically for link/screenshot submissions to said quests. *This channel is only for submissions so no discussion will be held there!* Which brings us to this week's Quest, beginning 09/01 featuring the latest Wandering Wizard title

Survivor Mercs!

Survivor Mercs

Survivor Mercs

IndieBullet HellRogueliteTwin Stick ShooterAction Roguelike

Sep 14, 2023

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Coming Soon

Survivor Mercs

In honor of PAX West and the Survivor Mercs public demo becoming available once more (09/01-09/08)~ Show us your highest amount of kills! Submit a link to your social media post screenshotting your highest scoreboard/leaderboard with #SurvivorMercs and #SMkillchallenge tags! The Highest amount of kills wins. Our 5 Winners will be determined the morning of September 8th and be dm’d with their keys via Discord on the 14th when Survivor Mercs releases early access.Do you like social deception games? Do you enjoy Wild West themes? Then this giveaway might also be for you! It's the West Hunt Partner in Crime Giveaway! Just quote tweet the Wandering Wizard giveaway announcement, tag your bestie, and use the hashtag #WHpartnerincrime and #westhunt to enter! 74 winners will be dm’d a variety of West Hunt base game keys, DLC keys, and more! So if you’re interested in any other Wandering Wizard titles or free keys, there’s plenty of opportunities to win.

As always, safe expeditions! And don’t forget to join the Wandering Wizard Discord for more details, events, and giveaways!

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